Unsaturated resin crafts mold making technology

    Unsaturated resin crafts mold making technology
    Mold is a high total investment in the production process, production technology and materials and other factors are likely to open mold to increase costs, so the mold is a very important production processes.
    First, the mold process and material introduction

    1, the mode of opening a piece mold, packaging, stripping, brush mold, injection mold and a series of ways.

    2, the main program to open the mold repair models, row plate, soil pile, brush mold, filling mold, cast gypsum, reverse.

    3, the mold master of the material have evening gum, silicone oil, hard oil, hardening economy, yellow plaster, gauze, fiber, etc.

    Second, open the mold production flow chart

    Is a model production order
                                                Is the evening gum
    Mold a mold preparation material silicone oil
    Is a hard seven agents
    Non-straight is open mold analysis gypsum
    Improve the technical sample production
    Is a large number of production of four M control
    Is to repair the QC inspection
    Non-Yes can patch
    Is qualified
    Is to turn the process

    Third, finishing model methods and failures

        Irrigation models, with the first generation of mill at the end, repair embryos, repair, hit sand, to determine whether the model parts, deep out of mold can not make up for the soil, the model is to achieve the effect of the template.

    1, the model of a generation of narrowing of 0.1 mm is best to use the first generation model.

    2, the model does not degreasing will affect the smooth surface and the quality of production.

    3, the model sometimes need to do accessories, accessories, the card bit to be appropriate and the location of the interface properly fit.

    4, the model can not have a die, burning mold, grain, pores, deformation and other bad problems.

    5, a big difference between the model and the template may be caused by the model shrinking.

    6, the depth of the model can not be a model can make up the soil.

    7, the model requires smooth parts to play sand, low sand type according to model requirements.

    8, the effect of the model can not be different with the template.

    9, the model is easy to mistakenly mold place mold line protection layer, mold line protection layer according to the different requirements of the model affixed affixed.

    Fourth, row plate method and fault

        According to the size of the model to determine the floor size and 90 degree angle, and then determine the size of the grouting groove, the other to set the mouth to be appropriate to pulp to reach the various parts of the former title, the distance between the model from the model structure And the way and process production requirements for the row of plate reference.

    1, grouting slot and the location of the improper feeding of white embryo grouting production.

    2, 90 degrees to determine the bottom plate, if the floor is not correct, affecting the soil pile operation.

    3, another set of expected oral pulp can not reach all parts of the cloth should be added to the exhaust point.

    4, the distance between the models caused by excessive plastic waste.

    5, in front of the row to understand the size of the mold structure and mold mode and then row plate.

    Five, earthwork method and failure

    According to the type of mold and production needs, first determine the mode of opening mold and mold line location, along the mold line pile of oil and soil cut into rectangular or square, and then determine the size of oil and soil plate to nail the way, and finally Trimming, trimming to a net smooth with soapy water to clean oil and soil.

    1, die position does not lead to the white embryo production line grouting and white embryo inconvenience, but also to the sand brought inconvenience.

    2, the plate of oil and soil is decided by the size of gypsum jacket.

    Trimming is not clean, causing mold multilateral phenomenon.

    4, the inner mold and outer mold nailing inappropriate will cause grouting dew pulp.

    5, the thickness of the soil is equal to the thickness of the mold die.

    6, the inner mold of the soil sometimes also need surgery without the mold can not die

    7, trimming the good and bad mold and die are connected to each other

    Six, brush mold, filling method and failure

    According to the different types of molds and production needs whether to add silicone oil, gauze, plus the top position. Then determine the proportion of hardened economy, play silicone brushing mold after evacuating, brushing the same thickness and thin, dead horns place to brush in place, as the appearance of different thickness.

    According to the different types of molds and production needs, the mold surrounded with Wai Wai, podcasting seasoning poured into Wai waiting for hardening, hardened and then remove Wai Wai cast gypsum.

    1, the amount of hardener to determine the amount of temperature according to the weather, hardeners too much to reduce mold shrinkage.

    2, brush mold dead horns place brush not in place cause mold, burning mold, drawing die, mold easy aging.

    3, brush mold thickness caused by different mold easily broken.

    4, according to whether the jacket and the inner mold is good demolition mold, decide whether to add top position.

    5, perfusion mold Wai led to excessive waste of silica gel, Wai size determines the size of the mold (perfusion mode)

    6, brush mold technology, materials and other factors have bubbles inside the mold.

    7, Evacuation of the evening gum time enough to cause bubbles in the mold, affecting the quality of white embryos.

    Seven, jacket production methods and failure

    First, the plaster coat

    Use wood Wai Wai to the plate of oil and soil enclosed to determine the concentration and weight of gypsum into the Wai waiting in shape, remove the Wai, dressing gypsum coat to make a fixed coat position, before playing gypsum should be based on different models and production needs Determine the way to play gypsum.

    1, plaster coat too heavy, so that the white embryo production inconvenience, gypsum jacket is too thin and easy to break.

    2, too thick gypsum, causing a bubble jacket.

    3, the wrong way to play gypsum, grouting production operation inconvenience.

    4, plaster coat can not be combined, white embryo grouting will appear dew or wrong mode.

    5, gypsum dressing trimming whether there is a multilateral phenomenon.

    Second, fiber jacket

    The benefit of the fiber jacket is to reduce the weight of the mold, to bring convenience to work, according to the different models and production needs, to determine the type of fixing, and then determine the thickness of the jacket, Bo Li pulp and plaster proportion of fiber layer, Polly brush in the mold, paste the fiber, once again polish the brush in the mold, the thickness of the same, repair the shape after the jacket, fiber jacket is mainly used for large products, her disadvantage is the use of time is too long prone to deformation.

    1, fiber sheath is not strong cause white embryo grouting dew pulp.

    2, Polly pulp and fiber ratio is appropriate.

    3, the fiber jacket does not match the card position, causing white embryo dew pulp, wrong mode, and even affect the product deformation.

    4, fiber jacket deformation, white embryo production of products will be deformed.

    Eight, back and forth reversed

    Die coat done, in fact, only half of the mold to remove the outer plate and oil and soil, and then open the mold flow process operation, after the completion of the mold, remove half of the production, according to the requirements of the scene to determine the reverse Times, each into a set of molds.

    1, the number of reversal caused by excessive mold line and die line mold deformation.

    2, the wrong location of surgery, leading to the inconvenience of white embryo production.

    Nine, mold surgery

    Mold method is mainly used for perfusion-type mold, mold sometimes other surgery, according to the size of the mold structure and production needs to determine the location and extent of surgery to the model can be pulled out to prevail.

    Ten, repair the finished mold

    Mold after the finished product due to technical and material and other factors, resulting in mold bubbles and multilateral bad phenomenon, first make up the bubbles, and then remove the scissors multilateral, if the two problems are not solved, a direct impact on the white embryo grouting operation and quality.

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