What is unsaturated resin

    The sesame oil that many people eat in our lives is an oily ester containing an unsaturated double bond, DHA, which is also an oily ester containing an unsaturated double bond, one that can be in direct contact with people in the general public Class can be used to make unsaturated polyester resin, a high-grade wood lacquer of a raw material, it's less, it is more precious, so octadecenoic acid is known as the human body's muscle gold, and behenyl Acids, also known as brain gold, are substances that the body can not synthesize, but which are crucial to the brain's hair. DHA is the dococenic acid, mainly derived from fish oil and deep-sea fish oil, which is why people think eating The fish will become clever, so it seems that the ancients knew this very early, and it was not something that only foreigners had.
        But we can not use such a good thing for synthetic polyester, because it is too expensive. We use maleic anhydride and trans-butene dicarboxylic acid. The so-called binary, that is to say both sides, of course, can also contain a lot of dibasic acid containing unsaturated double bonds.
        But the light is made with unsaturated dibasic acid is too hard, but also to soften it some, so add some can make it softer some saturated dibasic acid, commonly used is phthalic anhydride, there are a lot of saturated binary Acid can be used, depends on where it is used, which depends on the needs to determine, which is the direction of development, of course, this is also very mature now, but the natural saturated diacid is not the only way A product can be added and there are too many things available.
        Then you use the mother, can not be male, ah, so a little reaction with it, that is alcohol, usually in our industry are basically used glycol, such as propylene glycol, ethylene glycol Alcohol, etc., there are many, but one of the secret can be more, because the relationship between the structure and performance is not to say that, so the focus of development will be here to work hard.
        Next, is the reaction, because all these things together to react through melting, ah, but the temperature is too high, because the cooking temperature has to burn the paste, and generally have a rise in temperature, at the same time Control of the temperature is also a more important technology, at the same time add what order of materials is also a certain degree of science.
        The reaction is complete and it can be diluted when the temperature is low enough to be diluted, but be aware that by this time it is the most critical because our diluent can not be reacted to by us because we can only do this at this stage Let it only play a role in dilution, or our products will be scrapped, this time to strictly control the temperature of our entire system, or tens of thousands in a few minutes of time there may be no, because it can not be used , There may be a danger at this time, because the resin from poly to issue a lot of heat, the entire reactor can be red-hot, the possibility of explosion, so at this time is the most critical.
        Finally, the end of the dilution, add some additives until the mixing is good, can be discharged to cool the material out, but pay attention to the packaging of the barrel to be clean, can not contain reducing agents and oxidants in it, or the product within a few days Will be scrapped.
        The quality of the product is generally relatively easy to control, but it is also guaranteed, only to see the purity of some of the raw materials you use. Now there are a lot of tools and tools that can be tested, so that all the products can know the quality of the products in the process Good and bad.
        However, each manufacturer still has some differences. At the same time, the quality of the products comes out differently. Because every manufacturer is different, the unsaturated polyester resin system itself is very fragile. To the atmosphere Where the temperature is the most sensitive to the temperature there are some requirements, while each manufacturer's product positioning is not the same, so different, but there are still some manufacturers is to long-term development and for the entire industry and social services , So the quality of the product is very stable, of course, there are some in order to blindly low-cost products, but the industry has a weird phenomenon, that is, many poor things are valuable because the customer he is asking for such a product.
        Many products are now obsolete in this industry, but they have been used for a long time. Now they are mainly concentrated crystal, transparent PE for woodworking, and products with directional properties with other properties. But now there are Many products are very low profits, and some less than 50 dollars, I do not know the amount of big can do this? I think it is not worth it.
        The number 191 is the basic resin that we all recognize for decades as a glass fiber reinforced plastic.
        193 in Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province and many other places is used to do the button, because this water-white resin processing can also be added to the buttons inside the different color tone all-you-can-like, but also resistant to a certain Torque button, this product is beautiful and generous, and cheap, the first ten years in Zhejiang Yiwu Commodity City, this product is well sold, but also by a product we like, but now also have very good sales.
        No. 195 is a resin containing acrylic monomer, which is mainly used to make some products with better translucency. Moreover, its pigment dispersion is good, sometimes it can be used with No. 193, but it is made Of the products in the mechanical properties is not very good, so when processed into the glass into the room with the No. 196, so that the mechanical properties to meet product requirements.
        196, because in the process of molecular design to be considered corrosive and some combination of resistance and mechanical properties and weatherability, so this product is generally used to do the house suitable for some waist decoration , Sometimes in order to strengthen other products, but also with some other types of resin together with the same time, because its reaction and system design is not the same, in the processing, it's reaction time is longer, so the production of special care, Prevent bad.
         No. 199, a system similar to No. 196, except that it has a different system. It has a slightly higher acid number, and because it can be used to make food packaging, it has some differences from other products. The same is that its production process longer, the general reaction to the end of almost 48 hours, but its chemical performance is better,
    33, 34, 35, 36, these resins are used in the surface treatment of the resin, the general post-processing process is always with the smallest glass surface stick together with the use of such products Relatively smooth, so the appearance of the product is more beautiful, although there are 35 and 36, but they are based on the 34 and 33 developed and changed from.
        189 was specially developed for marine corrosion protection because of the corrosive nature of the sea water, so after using it in a system that we all eat, but its antiseptic effect is particularly good, the system of resin This protects the hull so that the resin has exceptional properties so that it can be soaked in seawater or water for long periods of time without corrosion.
        Resin No. 118 is an unsaturated double bond polyester resin whose primary function is to disperse the pigment, primarily to allow the pigment to be added to the resin we are using and to have better dispersibility, but our Unsaturated polyester resin is a liquid when it is grinding can not be carried out in the long-term conditions in the temperature, so use polyester to do this dual-use, but generally can not add too much, usually the overall amount of 3- ---- 5%, this product is colorful and colorful, beautiful and practical, while the cost is relatively low.
        No. 128 is a wear-resistant resin, which has been considered in the molecular design of this type of resin in some applications need to wear-resistant occasions, because some places always always to mill, whether civil or industrial use, This resin is designed to meet this need.
        No. 138 is the same as No. 193, but different manufacturers take the name is not the same, but some manufacturers to 138 as a special button, and No. 193 is used to make marble resin.
    Imitation marble is a lot of resin manufacturers formerly named 193, and later specifically named marble resin, this resin because the product made to imitate the marble look, which named marble resin, in fact, many manufacturers have production, but China is relatively large and Montetronics, XCOM, because they are the first to do this product into the kitchen cabinet business, while the European camp, the EU Athena also because of the use of such products into the kitchen cabinet into the development of China's larger Of the enterprises, and even become a brother of the industry, but also become a more successful national brand example.
        High temperature resin, which is a relatively high temperature resistant industrial specialty resin, the general use of raw materials are some of the more special, there is a certain scientific structure of the chemical products to make high temperature products, processing such products in China is not Many enterprises in Anhui have done the longest and most successful business, but also one of the more successful examples in this industry.
        Crystal resin, the resin began as a relatively high-end European Community products, and later in Japan, the United States, Taiwan, Indonesia, and other places produced relatively good, relatively high profits, a kind of acrylic structure Transparent, after curing process is still good transparency, like crystal-like resin, the product formulation and production requirements of the more refined products, because the processed products can be done like a crystal product, so named Crystal products, ornamental quite good, so now its formula and production methods are the top secret of each business.
        There are many, many, numerous. 168 series of resin, is used by many manufacturers to process into handicrafts resin, is also used more of a series of resins, handicrafts mainly because of the processing of Taiwanese manufacturers in the mainland driven up, made mainly of products exported to foreign countries Some more, now mainly also produced, processed into a variety of handicrafts, many products for the United States Lunmei for the rich and colorful, this resin is also divided, the general can be divided into thick on the color, and on the light of the two Type can be, before I work in Guangdong, a large amount of production capacity when a series of products on the production of a month there are more than 2,000 tons, but still in short supply, I remember in Shenzhen before Every day the company's dosage to more than 100 tons, a day with a few tons of manufacturers in the PRD incredible, I then used to such companies may have hundreds of bars, many of them are doing after-sales service, Now there are many manufacturers in use.
        6688 and 3388, a resin that was previously used to treat furniture surfaces, is now subjected to unsaturation from PE because it is usually processed by hand-sweeping but their quality is a relatively stable system because Used in the furniture surface, made of the product is very beautiful, and good performance, durable, oil and scrub resistance, etc. So by many manufacturers and customers at the time like, and now it is one of the products sold well, while this Products can be used to deal with the marble surface and bonded broken marble, but also can be plastic, leather and some shoe materials, but also can be used to handle the surface of the piano and speakers, the formation of a unique reflective effect and that kind of Noble and king of the gas to the head, so this resin is welcomed by everyone, but it can also be used to graft into a water-based resin, since 1993, the resin production is relatively large, while sales are relatively large This is a major product from 1992 to the present.
        PE unsaturated polyester resin now a wood processing plant in the new darling of the resin model, because of its processing faster than acrylic, polyurethane, alkyd, fatty esters and other resins processed into quick-processing paint, so now become a relatively large And the output is more of a product, in fact, its cost is cheaper, and thus become a fashion now, coupled with processed into wood surface can display the color and texture of wood itself, so it is more viable, so it is very environmentally friendly At the same time, it also saves time for the production of woodworking machines, and because it can dry in the air and polish more conveniently, this is its main feature.
        Polaroid Resin: This is one of the products that was produced earlier in China and was the largest at that time because it is designed primarily for the processing of sheet metal. Similarly, you can also use it to make imitation jade crafts, the surface of the ancient, very popular, coupled with more convenient in the above color, at the same time processed products gorgeous, crisp, high hardness, as a time One of the better selling products, there are many small factories in our country is from this start
        When it is used on the board, it needs to add a layer of wood paper below it, and then it is pressed and cured on the paper to become a bright and shiny board, which is a good material for producing furniture, which is a relatively high requirement resin At the same time, this sales is relatively large, and now there are many such manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta and Zhejiang,
        Unsaturated polyester resins for use with atomic ashes, some of which are the same as the current PE systems, require a resin that has good adhesion, air-drying, burnishing, and moderate hardness after processing, Capacitance is better, because it adds a lot of powder inside, and now the production of such resins in China is relatively large, are generally used for their own production, the use of raw materials are also some different from the previous system Place, but the advantages of this resin is very prominent, and its applicability is relatively good, the use is relatively wide, can be made into a car repair ash, can also be made of furniture repair and end of gray, can also be To become the end of building materials decoration gray, but also can be used to strengthen the material, the output is relatively large.
        Special resin for food packaging: This resin is not very different from the 6688, but they require the food packaging requirements, so some of its indicators are also very strict requirements, mainly processed into resin products with styrene content can not exceed the standard, At the same time after the rough processing but also for post-processing, or can not meet the standard of a product, while its physical and chemical properties than the average resin requirements are much higher, so the choice of materials can not be toxic to human and animal and living if Safe, this is its strictness, some manufacturers in China have also been the United States and the FDA's product certification.
        Dental resin: The resin type that resin was invented until now the oldest resin, and in the same way it is now used by dentists have also used it to make a mold, and then turn mold into porcelain teeth, to Patient-friendly, dentures are also made with epoxy and are also available to the patient because the teeth are cheap and not as expensive as porcelain teeth.
        Water-based unsaturated polyester resin: This is the environmental protection requirements and become the resin we are all in one direction, because it can reduce environmental pollution and enhance the protection of the human body, so this is a trend, menacing ah, There are not many products on the market now, but more in foreign countries.

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